Htois an architectural firm established in 2015 by the talented due of Marco Valletta and Paolo Calvi, both of whom with over a decade’s experience in the superyacht industry in the most important shipyard in Europe and with different experiences in Yacht Design and Interior Design, as well as in several architectural firms.

Our background

We both come from shipbuilding industry, we’ve worked for every major shipyard in Europe. Because of our experience, we know everything about shipbuilding and project development and we’re able to address the all steps of the design and engineering processes with high quality, from the beginning until the delivery. Turning a concept into a great product is possible only having a global vision of the project and his purposes, joined with the attention to detail and functionality. All of this, with a great job in coordination reduces the risk of errors, the construction costs, and reduces the risk of be forced to redesign some component at the last minute, avoiding expensive modifications, as is often the case in the shipbuilding.

Our Mission

We usually involve our clients in all stages of the designing process, using drawings and render even in the preliminary stages in order to meet the Client’s needs and optimizing of the shipbuilding process. From our own experience, we think it’s very important sharing information with the shipyard from the beginning with a view to draw the construction details in line with their construction methods. We believe that in so doing the final result will be congruent with the render approved by the Client. Works supervision on site during construction is therefore an essential step to solve any problems in the construction process

Our services

– Feasibility Analysis and Concept design – Exterior design (all external items 3d modeling)

– Interior design (2D general arrangement, architectural drawings scale 1:20, furniture 3D Modeling, construction drawings)

– Arrangement and Coordination Plans

– Fitting-out plans

– Works supervision on site

– Refitting

We usually work with an experienced Marine Engineering Firm to also offer:

– 3D Hull-form development

– Hull-form Optimization

– Structural Design and Calculations

– Construction design and development of documents for construction sites and production

– Hydrodynamic Calculations

– Study and stability tests

– System Drawings (piping, HVAC, electrical cabling)

– Tests at the pool

– Classification according to the most important Naval registers (RINA, Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veristas, American Bureau, Det Norske Veritas)

– Design of on-board equipment

– Design of systems and on-board systems

– Construction supervision

– Planning design / production and economic / management of the order

– Surveillance under construction and progress of work – Tests at sea